Video Editor

The Role

The Video Editor role at Shinebox is an integral part of studio team. Reporting to the Creative Director on the studio team, you’ll play a key role in setting to tone for many of our video, film and motion projects. Working with creatives, producers, and account managers, you’ll ensure that our video, film and motion projects are meeting creative and client objectives. Your daily work will include upholding quality standards and meeting all deadlines

You have three main areas of accountability.

Video editing.Your editing knowledge will be leveraged at all stages of the creative process. But ultimately, it’s disruptive and engaging motion content you’re responsible for.

Daily work, QA, deadlines. Our business is built not only on solving client problems, but solving them on time, flawlessly and beyond expectations. The entire agency will be there to assist you.

Member of the agency’s creative team. You have a foundational understanding of the editing craft. You know what it takes to create effective video, film and motion deliverables. You are a voice for your craft.

Specific Job Responsibilities Include:

  • Video, Film and Motion Editing

  • Type and other simple Animation

  • File management, logging and archiving

  • Manage workload, Hit deadlines, QA

  • Seek, promote, and engage in Disrupting for good.

Where You Shine

Your qualities mapped to the agency’s Core Values:

  • Progressive Spirit. You want society to move forward. Rather than being satisfied with what is — you’re curious and ask, ‘what could be?’

  • Driven to Understand. You naturally have empathy. You want to understand the why behind the what — the people behind the plan.

  • Make bold moves. You have a bias toward action. Having a point of view makes you an effective leader and at times an inspired follower.

  • Free beer. No assholes. You are a generous collaborator with a high emotional intelligence. For this you are trusted and know how to trust.

Disrupting for good.

We make an ongoing effort to make good on our promise of disrupting for good. Seeking, promoting and engaging in positive outcomes permeates our organization and our work. You’ll be an important part of our ESG efforts.

$75k + Benefits

The Benefits of Being a Shineboxer

  • Work where you work best. Home, away from home, in the office, on the road…

  • Unlimited paid time off. We’re all adults here.

  • 401k plan with company match

  • Paid family leave for all genders. 16 weeks

  • Complete health benefits including medical, dental, mental health and vision

  • Disability insurance, life insurance, and flexible spending account plans

  • Paid parking and a dog-friendly office (sorry, cats)

For All

Shinebox is open to all qualified applicants. Hiring, compensating, training, promoting and ending employment is done without regard to your level of education or age; your identity: racial, religious or gender; your status: age, marital, parental, disability or protected veteran; your sexual orientation, national origin, political affiliation or any other characteristic protected by law

Yet we acknowledge the persistence of bias in all people, and a lack of diversity in our industry. We strive to overcome both by creating an inclusive environment where all employees belong and thrive. We don’t tolerate harassment of any kind.

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